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Over the years funeral and burial options have changed. What matters the most is that you acknowledge the passing of a loved one in a way that is appropriate and meaningful to you.

A funeral is one of the most important ceremonies of life. All religions and cultures practice funerals in one form or another. Funerals are not only for the deceased, they are also important for the living. Funerals give the people left behind an opportunity to say their goodbyes, this is needed to assist in the grieving process, we have the opportunity to be with people and to give and receive support. A well planned ceremony plays an important role in the healing process and becomes a bridge between the past and the future.
Many different cultures and religions exist in Australia and they all have one thing in common, a ceremony celebrating the passing of life. As your funeral director, our aim is to ensure your religious or cultural beliefs are met and we take great pride in our ability to tailor our services to meet your requirements.

Each funeral is different and unique, whether you want a full church service and a burial, a graveside service, a civil service or a cremation, we will customize the funeral service to reflect the life of the deceased, their wishes and their family wishes ensuring the funeral service holds a special meaning for family and friends.

What happens when someone you love dies?

There are many different factors relating to the passing of someone that need to be taken into account. Where the person died and how, be it at home, in a hospital or nursing home or by some sudden tragic event, will determine whether the Police and the Coroner becomes involved or whether a medical practitioner can certify the person as deceased.

In all these cases we will need to be notified, you can either do this direct or have the hospital, aged care home or if necessary the Police contact us. We will liaise between you and the relevant officials where required and once death has been officially certified we can then start making funeral arrangements.

When someone passes away, it can be difficult as their family to know what to do. So many decisions need to be made. Sometimes the deceased has left behind instructions by way of their Will or through a pre-arranged funeral plan but these wishes still need to be implemented.

What to Expect from your Funeral Director?

You have entrusted the deceased to us and we consider this an honour, it is our responsibility to take care of them from this point onwards and you can take comfort that they will be treated with respect and professionalism.

As your funeral director, we will meet with you as soon as is convenient to commence making the arrangements for the funeral. We understand that you may need time to allow some of the initial shock and emotions to settle and we will take this into account when making arrangements to meet with you.

At this meeting we will run through all of the options available to you, after all they are many and varied, you can actually do anything you want, within reason.
We will assist you with making decisions from the type of coffin to the wording of the notices for the newspapers, from liaising with clergy and church representatives to selecting photos for memorial cards, from selecting the flowers to choosing the music. We will contact the crematorium or the Council for the cemetery. Every aspect of the process needed to arrange a funeral will be discussed with you and taken care of by us. We will liaise with all service suppliers – you do not need to make contact yourself.

It doesn’t matter if you require a burial or a cremation, if the funeral is private or public, in a church or at the graveside, we will tailor the funeral service to suit you and of course to take into account the wishes of the deceased.

We liaise with you at all times and keep in continual contact with you as this process can be upsetting and waiting for the funeral to occur can seem like a life time.

We pay all of the suppliers on your behalf so you will only receive one account. The only aspect of the funeral we are removed from is the arrangements needed with regards to any after funeral refreshments.
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